Launching the Virtual Assistant Directory; find the right Virtual Assistant for you.

We have one simple aim for the Virtual Assistant Directory and that is for it to be a useful tool for our customer base: busy entrepreneurs, start-ups, and growing teams; looking to improve productivity and output by finding the right virtual assistant for them, quickly. We will be providing insight, advice, analysis and case studies about how Virtual Assistant businesses can survive, adapt and grow in an increasingly complex environment.

One of the biggest challenges our customers face on a day-to-day basis is choosing the right service provider to drive their business forward. There are a lot of vendors out there, often offering similar solutions.

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If companies looking for virtual assistance are going to succeed in selecting the right VA they need to be provided with clear, accurate and customer reviewed options. The information to survive and thrive in the modern business environment needs to be accessed without friction.

But this isn’t just about first impressions. Finding the right VA can be tricky in lots of other ways. Who do you select to manage your diary? Who do you hire to tell you where your business marketing can be improved? Who do you pay to make sure your print products get to the right place at the right time?

So in a bid to help business owners answer these questions and find the right virtual assistant, we’re launching the Virtual Assistant Directory.


We want the directory to be a place where executives and managers can easily find the right company for the task at hand, so we’ve researched vendors and filed them into 52 categories based on the services they offer.

Most of the entries currently consist of the most basic details, but we are also offering vendors the chance to go into more depth about what they do, how they do it and whom they work with, for a modest monthly fee.

But we don’t want our directory to be just another list of sales pitches, so we’re asking those vendors who sign up to provide concise, accurate and clear descriptions of what a company is offering and how to go about starting a conversation about what they can deliver.

If you’re a vendor on the list, or one who thinks you should be, then get in touch with us and we can add a basic profile, or talk about building an enhanced one.

And as with pretty much any product launch, this is a work in progress. If you think there are categories we should add, or that a particular vendor or service should be moved, or if you just have any suggestions for how we can improve the directory to make it more useful for our readers, then drop us an email

We hope this will go some way towards making those business decisions a little quicker and easier.